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Payment for Fall and Winter Leagues Due

posted Jun 29, 2019, 1:16 PM by John Kaskie   [ updated Nov 16, 2019, 9:09 AM ]
League Fees are due by the second week of the season.  Please mail your fee to: KASA, Inc. P.O. Box 5003, Kingwood, Texas 77325.

The teams that have paid as of November 16 are noted below.

Sunday COED League (Winter)
+ Face First (D. Ramirez)
+ Regulators (R. Wright)
+ Sweet Spot (J. Nededog)- Paid
+ Get U Sum (J. Chappa)- Paid
+ Bom Slow Down (F. Dandridge)- Paid
+ Burgan Legands (J. Perillo)- Paid
+ Pitches Be Crazy (R. Trevino) - Paid

Tuesday Church League (Fall II)
+ TECH (J. Brooks)- Paid
+ St. Mary (A. De La Rosa)
+ HCB (T. Borja)
+ St. Martha (D. Sengele) - Paid

Tuesday Church League (Fall I)
+ TECH (J. Brooks) - Researching
+ St. Mary (A. De La Rosa)- Paid
+ St. Martha (D. Sengele) - Paid
+ HCB (T. Borja) - Paid
+ Minor Leaguers (R. Martinez) - New Team, Paid

Wednesday COED League (Fall)
+ Dirty Ballz (W. Garcia)
+ Bat Intentions (H. Eychner)
+ Leather and Lace (J. Voight)
+ Alcoballics (R. Wright)
+ Coconutz (T. Borja) - Paid
+ Radicals (A. Colon)- Paid
+ Caught Lookin (M. Rios)- Paid
+ McCarthy's Sluggers (K. Jenkins) - New Team, Payment Received, Accepted

Wednesday COED League (Summer II)
+ Dirty Ballz (W. Garcia) - Paid $200, $100 due
+ Bayou City Crushers (W. Hildebrand)- Paid
+ Coconutz (T. Borja)- Paid
+ Leather and Lace (J. Voight)- Paid
+ Radicals (A. Colon) - early games- Paid
+ Alcoballics (R. Wright)- Paid
+ Bom Slow Down (F. Dandridge) - Early games- Paid

Friday Church League - ALL TEAMS PAID
+ Lamb of God - Disciples of the Diamond (T. Kostynick)- Paid
+ Kingwood Christian (S. Hollibaugh)- Paid
+ St. Martha B (H. Golden)- Paid
+ Kingwood Saints (S. Jensen)- Paid
+ St Martha A (R. Hartsfield)- Paid
+ Second Baptist-Them Folks (J. Evans)- Paid
+ Micronesian Houston Church - Bom Slow Down (M. Baulechong) - Paid
+ Kingwood United Methodist (P. Parrish)- Paid
+ Parkwood Baptist (B. Smith)- Paid
+ Grace Church (A. Sanchez)- Paid
+ Humble Area First Baptist (S. Colby)- Paid
+ Porter Church of Christ (C. Babcock)- Paid
+ Woodridge Baptist (Z. Rathbone)- Paid

Sunday COED League (Fall)- ALL TEAMS PAID
+ Bat Intentions (D. Ramirez) - Paid
+ Texas Made (S. Ramirez) - Paid
+ Sweet Spot (J. Nededog)- Paid
+ Pitches Be Crazy (R. Trevino)- Paid
+ Bom Slow Down (G. Sngebard) - Paid
+ Get U Sum (J. Chapa)  Paid

+ Coconut (T. Borja)  Paid
+ Caught Looking (M. Rios) - New Team, Accepted, Paid

+ Regulators (R. Wright)  - Paid
+ Burban Legands (J. Perillo)- Paid
+ XLR8 (T. Keney) - Latest game possible, bye on 9/22- Paid
+ Pacific Invaders (C. Eustaquio) - early games, doubleheaders- Paid
+ Them Folks (J. Evans) - B League please- Paid
+ Half Fast (T. Rounsavall)- Paid

John Kaskie,
Jul 21, 2019, 7:39 AM