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Registration for Summer Leagues Now CLOSED

posted Apr 12, 2019, 8:56 AM by John Kaskie   [ updated Jun 15, 2019, 6:54 AM ]
Registration is now open for Summer Leagues.  For returning teams, the form should be completed and e-mailed to John Kaskie with a copy to your respective League Coordinator.  For new teams, the Registration form should be returned to KASA Inc. at P.O. Box 5003. Kingwood Texas 77325 along with your League Fee.  Returning teams will have priority up until the registration deadline. New teams will be accepted in the order in which your registration fee is received, up until the maximum number of teams accepted in each league.  Registration status will be posted on this web site at least once per week.

Send completed Registration form to the Registration Coordinator and your respective league coordinator:

+ Registration Coordinator: John Kaskie -
+ Sunday COED: Jonathan Monticone -
+ Tuesday Church: Jarrod Brooks -
+ Wednesday COED: Jonathan Monticone -
+ Friday Church: Brian Smith - 

Below is the list of registration received through June 1, 2019. 

Sunday COED - Registration Closed, Summer League in Progress
+ Sweet Spot (J. Nededog) - Early Games
+ Coconutz (T. Borja) - Bye June 2, Late Games

+ Texas Made (S. Ramirez), Late Games
+ Bom Slow Down (M. Baulechong) - Paid
+ Pitches Be Crazy (Rick Trevino ) 
+ Bat Intentions (D. Ramirez)
+ SWAT (M. Dishongh) - Late first game on June 2- Paid

+ Brace Yo Self (J. Perillo) - Paid
+ XLR8 (T. Keney) - Last game on schedule
+ Pacific Invaders (C. Eustaquio) - Early Games + double headers

+ Them Folks (J. Evans)
+ Regulators (R. Wright)
+ Brew Crew (E. Carpentier) - New Team, Registration Accepted, Paid in Full 

Tuesday Church League- Registration is closed, Summer League In Progress
+ St. Martha (D.X. Sengele) - Paid
+ Hagatna Cathedral Basilica - HCB (Ton Borja) - Paid
+ B. N. B. (R. Martinez) - New Team, Registration Accepted, Paid in Full 
+ Woodridge Baptist (B. Cassidy) - New Team, Registration Accepted, Paid in Full
+ T.E.C.H. (J. Brooks)
+ St. Mary (A. De La Rosa)

Wednesday COED - Registration  Closed, Summer League In Progress
+ Brace Yo Self (J. Perillo) - Paid
+ Alcoballics (R. Wright) - Paid
+ Bat Intentions (D. Ramirez) - Paid
+ Dirty Ballz (W. Garcia) - Paid
+ Coconutz (T. Borja) - Paid
+ Leather and Lace (J. Voight)
+ Bayou City Crushers (W. Hildebrand) - New Team, Registration Accepted, Paid in Full
+ Radicals (A. Colon) - Paid

Friday Church League - Registration Closed, Summer League to Begin June 21 
+ Parkwood Baptist (B. Smith)
+ Humble Area First Baptist (S. Colby)
+ Kingwood Christian (S. Hollibaugh)
+ Grace Hard Hitters (A. Sanchez) - early games please
+ Bom Slow Down - Micronesia Houston Church (M. Baulechong) - Paid
+ Them Folks (J. Evans) - B League Please
+ Disciples of the Diamond (T. Kostynick) - B League Please
+ St Martha Catholic - A (R. Hartsfield)
+ Woodridge Baptist (Z. Rathbone)

John Kaskie,
Apr 12, 2019, 9:04 AM