League Status

Game day: Sunday
Game times: 12:30 PM thru 7:30 PM
Season:  Spring Season In Progress
Registration: OPEN; New Season starts July 11, 2021

Tie Breakers

  1. Win/Loss %
  2. Head to head 
  3. Total runs in head to head
  4. Total runs in league 

Tournament Info

 Tournament - 
  • Adult Field
    • 1:00pm 3rd Place vs. 6th Place 
    • 2:00pm 4th Place vs. 5th Place  
    • 3:00pm 2nd Place vs. Winner from 1pm
    • 4:00pm 1st Place vs. Winner from 2pm 
    • 5:00pm Winner from 3pm vs. Winner from 4pm (Championship game)
Tournament Rules:
  • Higher Seed is Home Team
  • Single Elimination 
  • No pickups during playoffs
  • Games 1pm thru 4 pm Normal Time Limit
  • Championship game 75 Minutes or 7 Innings
Jonathan Monticone,
May 31, 2021, 7:42 PM