New Thursday Night church league 2021

posted Apr 26, 2021, 12:16 PM by B Smith   [ updated May 11, 2021, 8:10 AM ]

Registration for Spring 2021 new night "Thursdays" is open. Registration closes 05/22/21
* 6 teams max
* Same requirements as Tuesdays church league
- Send registration to and copy treasurer
- Send league fees via cashapp    $treasurerkasa   or check via mail to PO Box

Registration is open for 2021

posted Apr 7, 2021, 8:07 PM by B Smith   [ updated Apr 22, 2021, 6:28 AM ]

Finally our turf improvement project is complete. Registration is open but this year has some changes to adjust to. We have lost permission to use the girls field. It is our goal to utilize our one turf field solely within our organization only. Likewise, We no longer share our adult field with any other league.  We are aiming to begin use of our second field in the very near future and need all cooperation to make this happen sooner than later. A few park rules and field rules are being implemented as a way to improve our experience and those around us.  Alcohol is prohibited in the park and will be strictly enforced. Our behavior and language are a much needed area for improvement. Please be courteous especially with children in the surrounding areas.  Music is also prohibited until we can arrange an approach that reflects our organization in a better light.

No metal spike cleats are allowed on the adult field.  Any player wearing spikes will be asked to leave the field immediately for the day.

Practices will resume with a scheduled time with one of our league coordinators.
Access to the field will remain locked unless scheduled and opened by a league coordinator. Please help us preserve our field improvements for years to come.

Registration closes on April 21st, Games will begin the week starting April 25th

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays will have a limited number of teams. Get your registration in before spots fill up.

NOTE: Team registration fees will be due by the Registration Deadline.  The Registration for any team that has not paid it's fees by this time will not be accepted for play in that league.  No exceptions.

Below is the list of teams that have registered as of April 18, 2021

Sunday Coed League: (10 teams max - Registration closed)
1.  + Pitches Be Crazy (R. Trevino) - PAID
2.  + Sweet Spot (J. Nededog) - PAID
3.  + Get U Sum (J. Chapa) - PAID
4.  + XLR8 (T. Keney) - PAID
5.  + Bat Intentions (H. Eychner) - PAID
6.  + Hit N Run (J. Mason) - PAID
7.  + Ump Yours (D. Wade) - PAID
8.  + Coconutz (T. Borja) - PAID
9.  + Brew Crew (M. Rios) - PAID
10.  + I'd Hit that (R. Johnson) - PAID

Tuesday Church League: (6 teams max)
+ St James (M. Acfalle) - PAID
+ St Martha (D. Sengele) - PAID
+ HCB (T. Borja) - PAID
+ Atascocita First Baptist - PAID
+ St Marys (B. Trevino) - PAID

Wednesday Coed League:
+ Rec-N-Crew (A. Andrade) - PAID
+ Brew Crew (M. Rios) - PAID
+ Cusos (D. Monticone) - PAID

Friday Church League: (6 teams max Registration closed)
1.  + Parkwood Baptist (B. Smith) - PAID
2.  + Kingwood Christian (S. Hollibaugh) - PAID
3.  + St Martha (R. Hartsfield) - PAID
4.  + Kingwood United Methodists (P. Parrish) - PAID
5.  + Lamb of God (T. Kotsynick) - PAID 
6.  + St. Martha B (H. Golden) - PAID 

Field closed due to improvements

posted Feb 1, 2021, 10:43 PM by B Smith

February 1, 2021: The adult field is undergoing much needed improvements and will be delaying spring registration. Stay tuned for more updates as we pray for dry weather and a successful project completion.

Emergency board meeting August 27, 2020

posted Aug 24, 2020, 7:38 PM by B Smith

The KASA, Inc newly elected board members are holding an emergency board meeting on Thursday, August 27, 2020. We look forward to continued successful seasons of fun softball.

Fall Season 2020 - Registration Now Open

posted Aug 12, 2020, 7:45 AM by B Smith   [ updated Aug 31, 2020, 10:40 AM ]

Fall leagues will begin in mid August.
Get your team registration into your league coordinator to reserve your spot on the schedule.
Send your league fees to KASA, Inc. at P.O Box 5003, Kingwood, Tx. 77325

NOTE: Beginning in 2020, your registration fee will be due by the Registration Deadline.  The Registration for any team that has not paid it's fees by this time will not be accepted for play in that league.  No exceptions.

Below is the list of teams that have registered as of August 22, 2020:

Friday Church League (Registration Closes August 22; League begins August 28)
+ Parkwood Baptist (B. Smith) Paid 
+ Kingwood Saints (S. Jensen) - Paid 
+ Micronesian Church of Houston "Bom Slow Down" (M. Bauleching) - Paid 
+ Kingwood Christian (S. Hollibaugh) - Paid
+ Porter Church of Christ (C. Babcock) - Paid   
+ Woodridge "A" Baptist (R. Dunson) - Paid 
+ Woodridge "B" Baptist - Paid 
+ Kingwood United Methodist (P. Parrish) - Paid 
+ St Martha (R. Hartsfield) - Paid 
+ Lamb of God "Disciples" (T. Kostynick) - Paid 

Tuesday Church League (Registration Closes August 22; League begins August 25)
+ HCB (D. Reed) - Paid 
+ St Martha (P. Melton) - Paid 
+ Atascocita UMC (N. Jordan) -  Paid
+ St Marys (A. ) - 
+ Hope City (J. Chappa) - Paid 

Leagues are resuming for Summer 2020

posted Jun 9, 2020, 7:37 PM by B Smith   [ updated Jun 9, 2020, 7:38 PM ]

June 9th Post:

Sunday coed league will resume on June 28 (makeup games from Spring).  Summer registration closes on July 12th.

Tuesday night church league schedule has been posted.  Start date June 16th

Wednesday night coed will start on July 1, 2020, registration closes on June 24th.

Friday night church will start on June 19, 2020, registration closes June 12th.

League play soon to resume

posted May 28, 2020, 8:04 PM by B Smith

May 28 Post:

KSA is planning to resume games around the second week of June.  Stay posted for some "Stay Safe" plans to be distributed to the coaches and updated here on the website.
In other news, John Kaskie has resigned as the Board Secretary / Treasurer and Mike Frasier has also resigned as President.  We will be looking to fill those board positions soon and want to thank Mike and John for their many years of volunteer service.

League Play Suspended Until Further Notice

posted Mar 19, 2020, 8:56 AM by John Kaskie   [ updated Mar 26, 2020, 12:15 PM ]

March 26 Post:
The City of Houston and Harris County have issued a stay at home order in effect until April 4, 2020.  We expect that after the Stay At Home order is lifted, there will likely be continued restrictions on the size of gatherings similar to the earlier order for some period of time.  Therefore, we will not set a target date for restarting our leagues until we have a better idea as to when the City and County will begin reducing their restrictions.

Please stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.  Your patience is appreciated.

March 19 Post:
At this time, Kingwood Adult Softball will suspend league play until March 31, 2020 due to the recent request from Harris County to limit gatherings to 10 people or less.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as new information is received and decisions are made.

For planning purposes, we hope to resume play on:
+ March 31 for the Tuesday Church League
+ April 1 for the Wednesday COED League
+ April 3 for the Friday Church League
+ April 5 for the Sunday COED League

Revised schedules will be posted on the web site to reflect these changes.

Please contact your respective League Coordinator (Jon/Devi, Brian, or Ton) if you have any questions.

North Park Electrical Issue - Field Availability (Update)

posted Mar 5, 2020, 8:41 PM by John Kaskie   [ updated Mar 19, 2020, 11:41 AM ]

Mar. 19 Update:
On March 18, CenterPoint has restored electrical power to the North Park field and the electrical service was connected to the Adult Field.  The Electrical Contractor is still working on getting power to the Girls field but expects to have that completed in no later than early next week.  Once this project is completed, the Contractor will begin to work on replacing/repairing the lighting on the Adult permitting.

Mar. 17 Update:
The Electrical contractor has informed us that they expect to have electricity restored to the fields by Friday, March 20.  This outlook is relying on good weather this week to finish the work and CenterPoint showing up to turn power back on to the fields.  Check with your league Coordinators as to when you Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday leagues will resume play.

Mar. 5 Post:
The electrical service to North Park was disconnected by CenterPoint Energy today (March 5) due to a broken pole that has caused an unsafe condition at the electrical boxes.  The Kingwood Services Association Parks Committee responded quickly today by approving funding for the repairs to begin immediately with plans to address the allocation of repair costs at a later time.

At this time, our Sunday COED League will  continue to play games as scheduled.  However, the start of our Spring Tuesday and Friday Church Leagues as well as our Wednesday COED League will be delayed until the repairs are completed.

We have been advised by the contractor performing the repairs that this work is a top priority for them, but that expected rain (next week) and lead time to acquire materials for the job will likely delay field availability 2-3 weeks.

I will update this post as new information is available.  Your league coordinators (Ton, Jonathan, and Brian) will let you know when we are ready to begin our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday leagues will begin.

Spring Season 2020 - Registration Now Open

posted Jan 15, 2020, 7:44 AM by B Smith   [ updated Jul 1, 2020, 7:34 AM by Jonathan Monticone ]

Spring leagues will begin in early March.
Get your team registration into your league coordinator to reserve your spot on the schedule.
Send your league fees to KASA, Inc. at P.O Box 5003, Kingwood, Tx. 77325

NOTE: Beginning in 2020, your registration fee will be due by the Registration Deadline.  The Registration for any team that has not paid it's fees by this time will not be accepted for play in that league.  No exceptions.

Below is the list of teams that have registered as of July 1, 2020:

Wednesday COED League (League begins July 1)
+ Radicals (A. Colon) 
+ Coconutz (R. Shoemake) - Paid
+ Dirty Ballz (W. Garcia) - Paid
+ 4 Real (V. Martinez) - Paid
+ Bom Slo Down (M. Baulechong) - League Fee in the mail
+ Caught Looking (M. Rios) - Paid

Friday Church League (Registration Closed; League begins April 3)
+ Parkwood Baptist (B. Smith) - Paid (Bye on 5/8 & 5/29, double headers)
+ Kingwood United Methodist (Paul Parrish) - Paid (Bye on 3/6 & 3/13)
+ Grace Church (A. Sanchez) - Paid (early games)
+ Kingwood Saints (S. Jensen) - Paid (Bye on 3/6 & 3/13, double headers)
+ St. Martha-A (R. Hartsfield) - Paid
+ Bom Slow Down (M Baulechong) - Paid (early games)
+ St. Martha-B (H. Golden) - Paid (Bye on 3/13, early games)
+ Disciples of the Diamond/LOG (T. Kostynick)
- Paid (B-League)
+ Porter Church of Christ (C. Babcock) - Paid
+ Woodridge Baptist (Z. Rathbone) - Paid
+ Kingwood Christian (S. Hollibaugh) - Paid

Tuesday Church League (Registration Closed; League begins March 31)
+ St. Martha's Catholic Church (P. Melton) - Paid
+ St. Mary's Catholic Church (A. De La Rosa) - Paid
+ Atascocita United Methodist (N. Jordan) - Paid
+ Hagatna Cathedral Basilica - HCB (T. Borja) - Paid

Sunday COED League (Registration Closed; League begins March 1)  - Schedule Posted
+ TNT (M Merced) - Paid (Requested all games after 5PM or later due to work)
+ Smokin Bats (C. Eustaquio) - Paid (Requested early games, double headers)
+ Bat Intentions (H. Eychner) - Paid
+ XLR8 (T. Keney) - Paid (Requested last game of day)
+ Burban Legends (J. Perillo) - Paid
+ Sweet Spot (J. Nededog) - Paid (Bye on 3/22)
+ Get U Sum (J. Chapa) - Paid
+ Coconutz (T. Borja) - - Paid (Requested late games, Bye on 3/22)
+ Pitches Be Crazy (R. Trevino) - Paid (Requested early games)
+ Texas Made (S. Ramirez) - Paid (Requested late games)

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